Wednesday, May 6, 2009

World's oldest dog



Fred sent a link (Thanks, Fred) on my post about Chanel, the Guinness Book of World Records oldest dog at 20.

Fred’s link is to an April 5, 2009 story from the Daily Mountain Eagle in Jasper, Alabama about a Poodle who is verified to be 27 years old.

When Brenda and Barney Harvill found out that they couldn’t have children of their own, they adopted a tiny Poodle puppy and named her Taffy Gayle. She has been their baby ever since. (The newspaper incorrectly identified her as a “teacup.” You can see that she isn’t.)

Taffy Gayle was born Sept. 22, 1982 and the Harvills adopted her from a kennel a week before Thanksgiving that year. Although Taffy Gayle, is now blind, deaf and missing most of her teeth, they love her as much now as the day she came into their family 27 years ago.

“Never having any children, I just think it’s a blessing that God’s let us keep her this long,” Brenda Harvill said.

Like many Poodles Taffy Gayle enjoys playing dress up. Brenda’s thrift store purchases include T-shirts, sweaters, and a pink party dress. She wears her party dress to celebrate her birthdays when she gets a little cupcake with a candle on it.

Her dog food diet is supplemented with potted meat, stewed chicken and hamburger. Taffy Gayle also gets a baby aspirin each morning and eye drops two times a day.

The petite Poodle is not entirely dependent. Even though she is blind, she knows her way around her territory well enough to find her food and water bowls.

When they got Taffy Gayle, the couple had a Chihuahua named Candy and liked the idea of having Taffy Candy. Brenda gave Taffy her own middle name when she registered her with the American Kennel Club.

So if we doubted the word of this couple about the dog’s age (and I wouldn’t want to be around anyone who would question these lovely people) there is documentation from the AKC to prove that she was born September 22, 1983, 27 years ago.

So why isn’t she the World’s Oldest Living Dog in the Guinness Book? The short answer is that Guinness is a commercial enterprise. It is entertainment, not an almanac. They don’t have the resources to go around the world seeking out record holders.

People must apply to Guinness, and they are besieged with applications. Applicants must fill out long questionnaires, supply documentation, have their claims authenticated by people whose character is above reproach, and produce media stories.

Some people enjoy this kind of recognition and publicity.
Some people don’t.


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