Tuesday, May 5, 2009

miss california pictures

More On Miss California Pictures

So - One Question - TItle Lost - Pictures Online!

Is this the mafia?

People are asked a question about something, and that person gives an opinion, and that opinion ticks off people, who now I guess people have the right to ruin, or attempt to ruin someone's life on the internet.

Come on people!! Give it a rest.

I am personally sick and tired of the internet being used like a kindergarten tattle tale source for so-called Adults. This lady gave her opinion, based on her morals, which come from ethics, and now is slandered online.

Hey, do you like chineese food? NO!!!! You bigot!!

LOL - strange, but stupid , and still entertaining world we live in!

I guess if you look like THIS GIRL though, it's all good :)

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