Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Can you pay off Credit Card Debt?

First thing I learned when trying to make ends meet was a pretty simple concept...
here is that simple concept:

* Make More Money (yes, I said it, make more money) and no I am not talking about getting rich overnight! Because the only way that happens is if a rich relative dies, or you win the lottery or Bill Gates figures you can use 100K to get on your feet. But most americans are about $5000 short a year from living in comfort , the only problem with that theory is , if you made an extra $5000 a year, you'd be another $5000 short each year - if you catch my drift!

* Discipline and get rid of credit cards , 1 at a time - you can do this by some simple math. First, gather ALL and I mean ALL you credit card statements and list them by Name/Acct No. Then find the % rate (APR) , Then find the Monthly Payments, Then Find the amount of time left to pay off the card. Once you do, you are 3/4 of the way to FREEDOM....

THEN COMES THE FUN PART - Choose your monthly payouts (that you can really make) and start:

1. Pay OFF the High Credit Card Interest rates first
2. SKIP a payment on the lower ones if you have too
3. Once the Higher Ones are paid off in order, start doubling up on the lower ones
4. USE your monthly budget you set aside all the way till the end.

That's it - with these simple guidelines, you will be well on your way to a Better Tommorow :)

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