Wednesday, May 13, 2009

who will win american idol

More On Who Will Win American Idol

Danny Won't
Adam May
Chris May

My Take: Well, since Itunes blew it and said that the 2 top idol
downloads are from Adam and Chris, I would venture to
say that Danny Won't , although I hope he does.

So here's some other takes around the net.......
"American Idol" judge Simon Cowell says he thinks Adam
Lambert will win this season of the popular singing competition show.

"Kris Allen Will Not Win American Idol But Will Have a
Successful Singing Career

"Tonight's show is traditionally one of the most exciting.
It's the first time competitors get two chances to showcase
themselves, and also the moment they get to embrace, and
be embraced by, their hometown fans. Who should
AI? Adam Lambert. Kris Allen .... So it will come down to Adam vs.
Danny. Blue States vs. Red States. The Coasts vs. Middle America.
Never before has an "American Idol" "

Final Thoughts: I like the Gong Show personally myself. Gloria Gaynor
was discovered On the Gong Show and She had a Mega Massive
Super Duper Disco hit.

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