Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hostgator went down due to "issues at the data center" not sure for how long, but that stinks for a half billion websites or so..

Heres some info with an interesting question at the end.....

Recently i faced a problem of high CPU usages from my old servers, i.e. iWhic.com. TheChetan.com was down for about two days because they suspended my account because of 75% of CPU usages. Can you imagine 75% CPU usages by a Wordpress blog with not more than 1000Unique visitors per day ? On the same day i installed WP-Super cache plug in which works great and supported me at such low powered servers.

There servers are underpowered. They even cant face the traffic of 1000 Unique visitors per day !! . There database server is also very poor. My error_log file (present under root directory of your wordpress installation) was full with errors of database server. The errors were like “WordPress database error MySQL server has gone away for query” clearly notifying the power of there database servers.

So i decided to change the host servers, my friend Abhishek is using Hostgator service. I have seen the power of there host servers. They are good, and one of the most important fact was there support system. When my site was down at iWhic, there support system replied to my question after about 24Hrs and my account was restarted after 48Hrs.

100 cpu usages

Here at Hostgator the support system is really fast.Even i can now directly chat with support people if i have some urgent problem. Currently i shifted all my sites to hostgator and all are working superb with no tension of high CPU usages.Hostgator allows 25% of CPU usages for 90seconds. But as there servers are really high performance i never seen my CPU usages more than a percent.

Currently i am happy with the hostgator, lets see what happens in the future. Hope for the best and ready for the worst :)

Which host are you using ? are you happy with it ?
source: http://www.thechetan.com/2009/05/thechetancom-shifted-there-servers-to-hostgator/

ANSWER: I use DGNS NETWORKS because their servers are in Canada which protects ME from the FBI taking possession of an entire server for one website (They cant do that in Canada)

Plus, it works and its only 1.49 a month

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