Thursday, May 14, 2009

Google Down

Ok, picture Google Being Down for like a week?
Got the picture in your head?

Now, don't get me wrong, because I enjoy capitalism as much as (most) of the
next guy. Here's the problem tho with NEO-Capitalism: GOOGLE. YAHOO. MSN.

See, the dominating factor on the internet is that your site needs to be
seen and if you do NOT use Google, Yahoo, MSN or one of their products or
services, we revert back to Ancient Television Advertising, where you
need to have money to market your product on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX etc...

We are heading there, no wait, we Are There!

If Google goes down, people loose money, advertising time, costs and
income. WHY?

Answer: Cause GOOGLE is HUGE and GOT HUGHER and HUGHER over time,
by hiring geeks out of college and paying them well, to become what they
are today...

They crawl the world looking for more youtubes, myspaces, facebooks and more.

They seek out ALL POPULAR Upcoming Websites , and when the striking time
is right , they offer the owner 10 Million to 1 Billion and take it and place it under
"G O O G L E"

This is why the world stops if google goes down. Yahoo or Msn are no different,
but GOOGLE, man, I bet you didn't have you google patch on today if you
freaked out.

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