Thursday, February 17, 2011

5 Brown Death and Sodemy

Painting the picture of a perfect family and how everything sounds fine but underneath there is a pile of dog poo is how to explain this family (and probably countless others)

A strange relationship between the daughters and the Dad of this popular music group, in which the Dad was sexually abusing the daughters. The Browns are made up of 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Hence the name the 5 Browns.

With some decent success, we found that Keith Brown was charged on February 10th with one charge of first degree felony count of sodomy on a child and two second degree felony counts of sexual abuse of a child. You can find this information from the 4th District Court records. What affect will this have on the 5 browns?

The classical piano group has trained siblings and have appeared on programs like Oprah, The View and 60 Minutes. Some of their CD's topped the Billboard classical music charts and many times their shows are sold out.

Even though all of this success has come there was a lot of deep hurt. After this news came out the father of the 5 Browns Keith Brown’s Porsche went off a 300-foot embankment into an icy stream and some believe it may have been a suicide attempt.

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