Sunday, August 22, 2010

NFL Preseason is in full swing


Don't count on a Pre Season Super Bowl.

I was watching the Browns Rams Game and what I like about this game was that the Heisman Trophy Winner played "OK" for a rookie, and the Browns came out looking like they just won their last pre season game and the last four games of last season, in other words, they were thinking they were good.

But, with that said, I really like watching pre-season to see how the coaches do. That's what pre season to me is all about. Whom will they start, how will they adjust the team, tune up the team per say, and who will they let go.

What's especially concerning to me about the RAMS is how the Heisman Trophy winner will do on the road, in the rain, and how the Browns new President, Mike Holmgren will do with his group of players, while he lets Eric Mangini coach the team, which alot of people say "wink wink" , that Mike Holmgren is really coaching from afar.

Now, with all that said, I also watched the Detroit/Denver and Giants/Pittsburgh Games. Again, pre season and I want to see how coaches react to certain things. Both games were ok for pre season, hitting is real and kids are trying to make the team. But I actually think DETROIT will be much improved this year, and Pittsburgh will still have Offensive Line issues midway into the season. As far as Denver and the Giants, all I can say is they have some work to do, from what I saw.

Now, here's a bonus for those of you who are reading this blog (all 3 of you) I found a website that shows every pre-season game (and other sports) for free - it is located HERE.

Now dont worry, I dont get any money off of you if click that link to watch the games, its just a cool site I found and I hope if your a fan of a TEAM and dont want to pay for pre season football, and you live outside the area where your team is, then you can watch your team right online. I am not sure if they will be around for the regular season, but it will be rather COOL if they were!

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